sábado, 30 de maio de 2009

hala strana 2

2003 - karst

2003 - hala strana

2003 - fielding 2cd PARTE1 PARTE2

2004 - these villages

2007 - heave the grambel roof

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``Cracked XpanssioN´´ disse...

gracias thanx obrigado

i´ downloading right now

Eu sou o baixar agora

have you listened to Tommy Guerrero
or Ray Barbee
or Nujabes??

they rock yeahh!!


i´ve already discovered

he was a master with the guitar


i think you know him


isolator disse...

oh yes,
tommy guerrero, ray barbee and nujabes are great!

if you like Luiz Bonfá, you will probably like João Gilberto. do you know him?