sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

michael hurley

1971 - armchair boogie

1972 - hi fi snock uptown

1976 - have moicy

1976 - long journey

1980 - snockgrass

1988 - watertower

1992 - woodbill brothers cs

1993 - national weed growers assoc. 7"

1998 - bellemeade sessions

1999 - weatherhole

2002 - blueberry wine - the first songs of michael hurley

2002 - sweetkorn

2004 - down in dublin

2007 - ancestral swamp

6 comentários:

Paranoid disse...

Simplemente epico! muchas gracias por estos discos!! =D

Kellython disse...

ÉPICO é pouco !!

Obrigado mesmo por disponibilizar os discos do lobinho folklórico.

r1s27m disse...

Thank you for the live Hurley!
Does "2008 - live and unreleased disc 1" imply a disc 2 is in the works?

joe disse...

A generosidade de voce nao sera esquecida. Obrigadisimo.

Gilbert Necessary disse...

Wow! Thanks so much for these. What a find!

Stop on over to
if you are looking for rare, obscure New Zealand garage, punk and pop!

Thanks again for posting these!

Shlomo Pesach disse...

is there any way to send me a link to download 'long journey'? my hurley collection is not complete and I am a big fan!